Chicago, IL
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Great American Smoke Out


Typography and Publications


Fall Semester 2013


Photoshop and Illustrator


After making a logo, it was used to give direction to a broadside style poster for The Great American Smoke Out and their world wide day event to quit smoking and chewing. Not only is this piece in the broadside style, but it is modernized through more sans-serif typefaces and the use of overlapping elements. The choice of typefaces and tight leading is to maintain the strength found in the logo.


Cool and warm colors were used to create a strong sense of contrast in very specific places in this piece. The Red against the blue, with few greys allows for three major levels of hierarchy. As well the soft blues and light greys allow the red to seem strong and prminent like a stop light. Applying this contrasting color scheme gives the poster a feeling, or sense of warning.


Using a slight hint of red with a circular composition creates a resemblance of a stop signs, adding to the idea of the event. Through the process the logo was designed with bold, clear fonts and shapes, then refined over and over to achieve a "less is more" feel. Many different appraoches were taken such as, using all line-work, a mixture of line work and solid shapes, and all solid shapes with no line-work. In the end a mixture of strong, clear fonts with good hierarchy, and a simple black against red design was used to obtain the perfect balance between a sense of warning and a clear message.