Chicago, IL
(989) 370-4280


Pit & Balcony Theatre: Fictional


Business/Logo Identity


Fall Semester 2013


Photoshop and Illustrator


After being in business for 80 years, Pit and Balcony is lacking in a new age of competitive markets with great design. Pit and Balcony needed an updated business identity starting with a new logo and then applying it to stationary, business cards, popcorn boxes, and show tickets.

Identity and Stationary

The varying color scheme allows for more play for the identity and the stationary. Yellow is added to create contrast for the desaturated colors in the logo, as well making specific areas, of the material, pop. Maintaining consistancey, square shapes were placed through the different materials.


The universal logo allows for play in color, allowing for theme specific color schemes. The show tickets are a modernistic, elegent style to match the logo but follow show specific colors. To further the Pit & Balcony ideitity, the design and color of the popcorn boxes compliment each flavor of popcorn, while maintaining an aspect of the style found in the logo.