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Main Street Shoes (Fictional)


Web Design


Spring 2014


Photoshop and Illustrator


Mainstreet Shoes is set in a small town, and is a low profile local store. To give a strong sense of professionalism this design was created to have similarities to the corporate shoe industry, but with a unique flare that is expected of a small town store. Focusing entirely on merchandise, a simplistic and bold approach is the foundation of this design.


To create a sense of comfort of a small town, the logo was created through a hand drawn process. To continue the painterly style, very light brush strokes were made to create am abstract resemblence of the outline of a shoe. With a sense of contrast, blues and greens are used to set back the strong tone of the white title. As well a thin tall font was used to match the style of the shoe.


Making the products the center of focus is the key to this design. The flat, minimalistic graphic elements contrast the photographed shoes, creating a sense of hierarchy. This sets the design style, and was applied throughout. Everything, down to the hover-states, has a strong center of focus with simplistic surrounding elements.