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The Origin of Futurism (fictional)




Winter 2014


Photoshop and InDesign


With my interests lying in the Modernism movement and universal style, I created a pair of futuristic photo manipulations to use in a magazine spread with the article The Origin of Futurism. Trying to stick to a new and different approach, I let my intuition take over and just let it flow into the pieces.


To generate a sense of mystic elegance I choose to use a mix of pastoral settings and a female. To take this piece to the next level, and make it futuristic, I let my impressions and intuition take over. Geometric shapes were used to mask isolated parts of the main imagery. The use of geometric shapes on pastoral imagery creates a strong, underlying contrast between subjects, but generates an amazing relation between the organic and geometric.


Both spreads use similar contrast of geometric shapes versus natural and pastoral imagery to gain a sense of unity of style throughout. Although each part has its own unique page layout, the style allows the reader to understand that the two spreads are the same article. As well, all three pieces use space as an advantage to create clarity between sections of information, and to guide the readers eye through the article, from one page to the next.