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Etaoin Shrdlu (fictional)




Fall Semester 2013


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


To create a magazine cover and two spreads based on articles given by the professor. The cover and spreads were to all be done with only type and color with focus on page layout.


A simplistic appraoch to design, entirely with typography, used to create a sense of rhythm. Serif and sans serif typfaces were used to to compliment each other, but also create a sense of contrast. Minion Pro, a serif typeface, was used for body copy to contrast the neutral, bold headings in Helvetica. Helvetica allows for the headings to stand out with clean, precise strokes, but do not entirely take over the design.


All three pieces, the cover and both spreads, use similar contrast of sans-serif versus serif typefaces to gain a sense of unity of style throughout the magazine. Although, each part has its own unique page layout and style. As well, all three pieces use space as an advantage to create clarity between sections of information, and to guide the readers eye through the page.