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Drink It Up America (Fictional)


Typography and Infographic


Fall 2013


Photoshop and Illustrator


A simplistic and modern info graphic explaining the annual consumption of three different beverages in America. Visually explaining the difference between each beverage with ease for the viewer with a mixture of icons and stylized copy. Graphic elements and bold clear type were used to present the information with focus on visualization of comparisons.


The logo was made with a sans serif typeface to allow stacking of letterforms, mimicking the layout of the entire infographic. The letterforms were stacked just right, so the logo would fit like another piece of the puzzle. As well, the logo, in size, compares to the elements next to it, but overlaps with a bright red hue to give it the highest ranking in hierarchy.


To make a more attractive, easy to read poster, graphical icons, such as soda, coffee, and water bottle icons, were made. The beverage icons are not alone, they are aided by percentage charts and a segmented U.S. map. Starting with graphical icons, then moving to typography, it was possible to create essential pieces of the info graphic, such as the icons and layout, and play around with them. After all of the pieces were decided on the final product was able to be pieced together.